Mercedes-Benz Services in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Keeping your Mercedes-Benz In Top Condition

If you are researching Mercedes-Benz auto services, you’re probably coming across many of the same words and phrases so that every shop is starting to sound the same. Not true! While most shops perform the same type of services, the training and experience of the technicians, along with the shop experience itself, will make a world of difference. At Black Forest, we want to set ourselves apart by providing transparent and efficient services to clients with Mercedes-Benz, Smart cars and Metris vans. As the only dealer alternative in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, we want customers to know you can cut ties with the dealership and find a small, locally-owned business without sacrificing quality. Your vehicle will probably need both preventative maintenance and repairs throughout its lifetime, so we’ve broken down our services into these two categories and explained how each helps you extend the life of your vehicle.

Preventative Maintenance: Your Vehicle’s Regular Check-ups

Years of research and development, track testing, and prototypes went into the German engineering icon that is your Mercedes. It’s advanced, yet simple, hearty and delicate at the same time. A machine this complicated needs to be looked after. Preventative maintenance services like regular oil changes, tire rotation, and wheel alignment all ensure your vehicle is running at peak performance on a daily basis. Mercedes-Benz recommends a maintenance schedule according to factory guidelines, but each vehicle (and driver) is different. If you make good use of the power and pick-up in your vehicle, you may require more frequent oil changes, and our technicians will want to have regular looks at your tires to make sure they are road safe. If you would like to begin a routine maintenance schedule or switch your current visits to our shop, our technicians will take every opportunity to make sure you are satisfied, safe, and back on the road as soon as possible. Call us to schedule an appointment today: (843) 849-9062

Accident Repairs: Your Vehicle’s E.R. Visits

Even the best preventative maintenance plans can’t account for one-off repairs. It happens. Once you’re ready to bring your Mercedes back to like-new condition, our factory-trained technicians can help. We offer a Digital Vehicle Inspection and Safety Report and can discuss the results with you as a way to begin building a repair plan. The end goal is to get your Benz back on the road with the same performance quality and safety standards as when you first drove it home. If you’re shopping for a repair shop, come by our shop to see our technicians at work and to discuss the repair possibilities for your car. Find us at 1342 Bowman Road near Stuart Engals Blvd.