Metris Van Repair in Mt. Pleasant, SC

Specialized Sprinter & Metris Van Services

Whether you own one Mercedes-Benz Sprinter/Metris Van or a whole fleet of them, it’s safe to assume that they are a vital part of whatever work you need them to complete. Your work is only as efficient as the vehicles that get you around. When one of your vans breaks down, at least a small part of your plan, schedule, or delivery has now been compromised. That could mean a loss of business or, at the very least, a loss of confidence. That may not be something you can afford. Black Forest is the best choice in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, when you need a repair done quickly and performed by technicians with specialized training. All of our technicians are factory-trained, so you’re not bringing your vehicle in for van repair, you’re bringing it in for Metris Van repair! And because we put customer satisfaction at the top of our priorities, you know we will have your van fixed efficiently and effectively, saving you precious time.

Factory-Recommended Van Maintenance

Almost every manufacturer produces factory-recommended maintenance schedules for each car they build. Of course, Mercedes-Benz would be very clear and methodical about how they recommend owners maintain their Metric Vans. As you hit different mileages or ages of ownership, they recommend different combinations of services to suit what the vehicle will require at that age. The recommendations range from standard oil and filter changes and air filter replacements to checking the water drain holes on any sliding doors. No kidding! That specific! That should tell you how important regular maintenance is for a Mercedes-Benz and even more so because you put your Metris Vans to work every day. When your vans are integral to the work that you do, you don’t want to plan on a day without them. To schedule an appointment with our skilled technicians or discuss a regular maintenance schedule, call our shop today: (843) 849-9062

Keeping Up with Developing Technologies

German manufacturers are known for pushing the envelope of design and functionality and creating some of the most futuristic vehicles on the market. As a specialized shop, we are constantly improving our knowledge of Mercedes-Benz engineering and keeping up with their developing new technologies. Because we do focus on Metris Vans, we are tuned in and aware of any common vehicle faults or issues to look out for. Our devotion to new tech does not mean we don’t care for the well-seasoned vehicles our customers bring to us on a daily basis. Your Metris Van is going to last you a long time because it is a Mercedes, so it is vital that you have consistent care and maintenance routines to make sure that it’s a productive and performance-driven life! Swing by our shop any time to speak to our technicians about your Metris Van repair needs: 1342 Bowman Road.

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